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Endless Horizons is now 1.12!

We've sorted out most of the bugs and issues associated with the update. Shame it took so long to update...

Currently working on new powerups, gear and items in preparation for the Vault of the Ancients reveal! More on that later!

Thanks for sticking with us!


Greetings Endless Horizons!

It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, finally we have some fruit to show for it! Over the last few (many) months we've been grinding away at the many aspects of our small server to bring you new features, fix long-standing bugs, and provide a more balanced and inviting community. At long last we have some features worth calling our own! I think it's time for our feature presentation!

Please note, that while we have some pretty awesome features now and have squashed hundreds of bugs, there are still many buzzing around and we still have a few features to add. But those will come soon enough! We will be upgrading to 1.12 as soon as our main plugins update (hopefully in a week or two) and expect a few more bugs with them, but we will happily stick with 1.11 until that time.

Onto the show!!

Survival Perks and Ranks
Players now rank up in survival! The longer you play, the more perks available to you! The old Donator-Perks system always left the community with a rift between regular players and Donators. We sought to lessen that divide. While we still cherish our Donating supporters, we felt long-time players should be rewarded for sticking with us too! Check out /perks and /ranks in-game or use the Quick Links tab on the left to see Survival Ranks!
Archive of the Ancients, near Survival Spawn
Archive of the Ancients - Main source of many in-game Perks
The Archive of the Ancients, located right next to the Survival Spawn, is the main source of in-game Perks and rewards through the use of rare Archive Keys. Archive Keys are acquired mainly through voting and by hunting Herobrine (rare drop). Wait...what? Oh yes...Herobrine is seen from time to time around Endless Horizons, but more on him later...
Perks range from fabled favourites like Compass Jump and /Fix, to new discoveries like Armor Stand Posing, Featherfoot and Fiery Heart Immunity perks and Limitless Stone supply perks! Unlock world-bending Craftbook Mechanics like [Gate]s and [Bridge]s, powerful PS Fields like Crystal Lenses and Entry Bouncers and much, much more! For an extensive list, check out our Survival Perks Page, here!
Prepare for Epic Mob-Combat in the COLOSSEUM
Diamond Gear used to mean 1-hit kills, harmless zombies and simple sharp-shooting to pick off distant pests. Not. Any. More. The Colosseum is a massive, multi-biome, mob-combat arena based in the survival world. Use your own gear to fight mobs around the arena, or use the central Summoning Circle to summon powerful Bosses and Mob Hordes for epic mob battles! These Boss mobs are intended for multiple players and public combat events - single combat is not recommended! During the day, the Colosseum is challenging, but at night moreso!
A few Zombies from a Horde, geared up in the Colosseum
But regular mobs just don't cut it. Once you get your Diamond Gear and that fancy Diamond Sword and OP Bow...mobs just fall before you like rain. This is where our Custom Mobs come in! Ranging from tougher Zombies to Hostile Ocelots; mighty Barons to raging Infernal bosses...even Herobrine himself, mobs around Endless Horizons will make use of your fancy Diamond gear and provide that challenge they should! Don't worry though, most are found only in Raidables and in the Colosseum - that way newer players have a better chance of surviving and reaching that Enchanted Diamond status!
Check out our new Cauldrons Mechanic
New crafting Mechanic - [Cauldrons]
To better combat these new mobs and provide new late-game goals, we've introduced various Custom Crafting Recipes, powerful new Enchantments and even a new crafting Mechanic [Cauldrons]! Many of these tie in to the Survival Ranks and Perks system, achievements and other mechanics throughout the server, creative a more enjoyable and immersive experience!
Serverwide Perks - Eclipse
Finally, to our supporters: We want to thank you for your continued and past support and commitment to Endless Horizons and hope you will stay with us. However, we also want to create a fairer, more balanced environment where people from all walks of life and enjoy the server evenly. To this point, we are moving away from the old Donator Rank system and moving to an Awesome New Serverwide Perks System. Your donations and support will now unlock powerful, albeit temporary, perks that effect the entire server rather than just a single player. Perks include 24-hours of Day/Night, MCMMO Boosters and in-game Credits for everyone online for 24-hours. You can even donate towards a Summoning Spree, which grants you 3 random Summoning Keys usable in the Colosseum to spawn powerful Bosses and Mob Hordes!
More Serverwide Perks will become available soon! Look forward to Name-A-Day and Keys to the Vault of the Ancients, providing epic loot, treasure and gear!
Again, while these features are all functioning well, there are still bugs and some areas are still work-in-progress. We hope to have them sorted out soon, and thank you for your continued patience and support!
If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, feel free to comment on this post or create a Forum Post! Comments in-game work too, but are often lost in chat and forgotten!
Have a great day and come back soon!
[Head Admin] Omanoctoa

Dynmap Screenshot

We have DynMap now, an online map of the server!

You may find it here

If you want to be visible on Dynmap, type /dynmap show. If you want to talk from the web, click the "Login Required" button in the lower-left hand corner of the screen. Finally, if you move your mouse cursor to the right-hand side of the screen, you can view other worlds and even isometric views (this screenshot.) Enjoy, and let me know if you find any issues!

Omanoctoa A How do players change to Isometric view, or is that not an option? Also, for some reason it doesn't display the who...
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