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Bridge Contest Countdown /warp contest to begin!

Endless Horizon Teamspeak


Now for the moment you've all been waiting for! The contest award goes to...

HelenIsRubbish and her pink castle thing! Everyone congratulate her!

And the Runner's up were... Redpokespe12 and ThisIsRandall!

All of these builds will be used in our prophunt maps.

Another heads up, people who still want to sign up for survival may sign up on the previous announcment. 

Last but not least the first weekly challenge is to build a pumpkin patch/ carnival thing

Thanks for reading

Greetings Endless Horizons!!!

Including but not limited to...ladies, gentlemen, children (of all ages), robots, foods, non-matter-entities-of-unknown-age, plants, animals, slimes, zombies, creepers and cupcakes...


We are planning a minigame! Well, a not-so-mini game! Introducing the SURVIVOR big-team challenges! Similar to the popular television series "Survivor", the game will consist of two teams, going head-to-head (well, lets not be biased here...) on a weekly by week basis. Every week, 2 new survival-based challenges will need to be completed as a team, with the losing team going to "Tribunal" to vote a player out of the game. That player will no longer be able to participate (will return to their usual activities), until only 1 player remains - to be proclaimed the Survivor! Challenges will come in 2 styles, Reward (bonus supplies and gear, or advantages), and Immunity (losers go to Tribunal).

Moderators are ALLOWED to participate BUT will have ALL exploitable commands disabled while playing. Admins/Owners will be running the show and, like always, will have final say in ANY matter. We will keep everyone up-to-date on any changes on the forums, so please follow along and check the forums on information to come.

If you have any suggestions/comments/concerns, please follow up with us on the forums.

Please note, at this point, teams will be randomly assigned to all players who wish to participate - comment on this post or wait for a future sign-up thread.

In other news, Endless Horizons is celebrating it first functioning SKYWARS map! Check the gameworld for more information or ask a staff! --- MAY CONTAIN BUGS - Please inform staff of any you encounter :) ---

_SwifterHD_ I enter to win
Lolzormatic how 2 sign up

First I would like to say Congratulations to your new staff:
TylerisRubbish (Game Moderator), Scythion (Game Moderator), and ElectricalShock (Game Admin)
I would also like to say thank you to those that applied. Your entries were considered and we
appreciate your time.

And with that being said, I would personally like to thank Dakota for just being awesome,
and say goodbye to him as he retires. He left on great terms with access to files that really helped
us out in this transition. Please pay your respects in the comments below if you so wish.

Also, Congratulations to Scythion for winning the recent Skyscraper contest!!
Thank you Kalungo for the entry and good try!
There will be a new contest starting on 9-13-15 and ending on 9-26-15.
The new theme will be a Bridge. (any kind of bridge you would like)

Top Voter is back for the month of September and onwards, along with Biggest D!
Both of these Titles may be earned throughout the month, and both contribute
similar things to the server, so the rewards are going to be very similar.
Both monthly Titles will earn the perks of /enderchest, /heal, /fix, /feed,
/workbench, /i, /fly, a few other miscellaneous perks, as well as rainbow prefix and/or names.
The difference is that Biggest D will have access to Wither and Enderdragon pets.

Moving forward...We have been wanting to add more games and fun things for the community, SOOO...
We are going to introduce server-wide team games. These will include build contests, as well
as any others that we decide to add. (possibly reality TV show recreations)
There is a new subforum in the game categories where additional information will soon be found.
We will keep you all updated as these ideas become more of a reality.

Last but not least, the idea of Survival Games...(eg SkyWars and Hunger Games)
There is a poll to help us decide a direction to take. Unfortunately, survival games will require
another server to be tethered to our current one which would be more of an investment, and I am
curious to see if there are enough players to make it worth it to add.
Please see the poll and vote for what you think.

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