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Skyscraper Contest Countdown /warp contest to begin!

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Some staff positions are open once again! The positions we are looking for are Game Admin, Techy Admin, Mod, and Architects.

Now that the current contest is coming to an end, it is time for a new contest! A Dream House. Now this house will be judged on the EXTERIOR as well as the INTERIOR. So remember to make it big enough to decorate inside. The top 3 will receive rewards an will be used in the PropHunt map. The contest will end on the 29th of September.

On a final note the Top Voter rank will be making a return in september.So get voting to dicover the perks of this rank.

With the temple contest over it is time for our new theme! The theme will SKYSCRAPERS! Ya' know the big tall shiny things that blot out the sun sometimes? I could slip in a 9/11 joke but I wont. Anyway, hop over to the voting thread and cast your vote for the best temple, then pop over to the server and get building your skyscraper. The contest ends on the 29th of August, thats gives you 11 days starting today to finish. And remember, skyscrapers are not restricted to giant rectangular prisms. You can go wild with the design if you feel like it. Happy building!

Hey there! Some people have been questioning the dragonslayer job as there is only one dragon and it has already been slayed. Well question no longer,
The End is going to begin reseting every Sunday. Sorry to those who wanted to build there but to give purpose to the dragonslaying job.

The Ender Dragon will reappear once a week and killing it will yeild high rewards. Dakota will be forming a hunting party this Sunday at 7pm CT or 5pm PT to kick it off. Happy hunting!

Shadow Shinx A Did I mention when you kill the dragon you also get to take a whack at Water's privates? ...
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