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RegaIia a posted Mon at 0:44
We'll be pushing to move everything off of the old .co.uk domain as quickly as possible. To continue relaying information to you guys, the forum address will stay as is for a short period of time before migrating to http://endlesshorizons.us. To accommodate you users, this domain will currently redirect you to the .co.uk location until we make the swap. As such, please update any bookmark or reference to that to continue visiting these forums after we sunset the current domain.

The currently functional redirect to the server mc.endlesshorizons.us will also see downtime during this migration, so keep the direct IP in mind ( to connect during this time.

Please report any bugs that you discover in game to any staff online, or here on the forums and we'll do our best to resolve any issue. Thanks, and welcome to the new Endless Horizons.

- Reg

New server up! Sort of!

Sam726627 a posted Sun at 19:34
So the server is running, we have barebones going with basic plugins and stuff. Factions is setup and we expect other plugins to be setup over the next few days. Please note this is a Beta of sorts, we might run into problems so we may suddenly stop the server to work on it. 

Feel free to join AND ONCE OUR DNS IS UP

Vel_Aeren You guys might just be worse with schedules than I am! ...
Currently working on configuring and setting up Sam's new server, this is complicated by the fact that bukkit (and variants) are currently in legal limbo and are unable for download.
Things should hopefully be a lot faster and less laggy to users as we do have more horsepower this time around!

Rest assured there's a team behind the scenes working on it as quickly as possible and the server should be up and running ASAP.

Just keeping you guys in the loop ;)
headbanger22a Can we have the new map as amplified terrain please
Chroma a Almost there, there where some serious issues involving databases and major headaches, lack of sleep, configuring things ...
Fearfactor2 omg finally, kurby4tw and i have been waiting so long to play on a great survival server. All other servers we tried wer ...
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