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Dynmap Screenshot

We have DynMap now, an online map of the server!

You may find it here

If you want to be visible on Dynmap, type /dynmap show. If you want to talk from the web, click the "Login Required" button in the lower-left hand corner of the screen. Finally, if you move your mouse cursor to the right-hand side of the screen, you can view other worlds and even isometric views (this screenshot.) Enjoy, and let me know if you find any issues!

Omanoctoa A How do players change to Isometric view, or is that not an option? Also, for some reason it doesn't display the who...

Firstly, as many of you have already noticed, Endless Horizons is now 1.10!!!

The world hasn't been reset because very few thigns were added in 1.10 to require a reset, however we will be offering the new materials through a new Nether.

And in other news... Factions are returning!!

Glimpse into a possible faction spawn!
A glimpse into a possible Faction Spawn

But...lots of servers have factions. We want to make them a little different, and would like some input on how that could work! SEND US YOUR IDEAS!!! Either reply to this post or create your own thread in the forums!

We have a few ideas already collected, check them out: http://endlesshorizons.co.uk/forum/m/3679648/viewthread/27567983-factions-are-returning

We would like to know what you, our community and family, would like to see in Factions.

Right now there are 2 proposed ideas on the table:

  • Standard Factions concept, where you can join an existing faction or create your own, claim land and battle away as you like. Of course, we'll be adding some classes, perks and lots of dungeons and such, just to make things interesting! Land claiming will be like normal, but more expensive to make claims worth fighting over. Not interested in a set faction? Strike out on your own and fight solo, claiming what you kill!

  • A slightly different approach. 4 main factions, pre-created at the beginning of the game, with existing bases. Players can join one of those four, and receive a faction-specific boost/perk that will give them a huge advantage. However, players will claim land similar to in Survival, and claims can be DESTROYED, either directly or by explosions, etc. This will give players the ability to build a base away from the Faction Spawn, gather resources and claim raidables and minibases, that can be fought over and claimed by the enemy. The main factions base will be ill-suited for a base, but if the enemy can capture it they earn rewards. Players can also strike out on their own, like normal, and can earn additional boosts.

We are looking for ways to mix up the usual, generic factions experience and do not wish to repeat the same mistakes from past Faction worlds.

Choose a Faction!

Discord logo

We have Discord now! That's right, your favorite chat and voice client has come to EndlessHorizons!

You can download Discord here

You can join our server by clicking on this link:


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