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On Friday the 27th of June at 12:00pm, that's 4 days from now, the server will undergo a hard reset.


This will enable a fresh start as voted by the official poll.

If you have an epic build, please either contact me in game or apply in the "Schematic applications" thread to have me evaluate if your build can be converted to a schematic file that you may keep personally. This is NOT a transfer to the new world.

I know this will cause a lot of heartbreak, but here's to a new chapter of Endless Horizons!

On top of this:
The forums have now had a total overhaul and are now clear of 2 years of clog. Enjoy.
Sam726627 What did you do to my forum you monster! WHAT ABOUT MY HORSE EPONA!
Ankhii OMG so ima lose my heads T_T?

Player-Set Prefixes

16BitForge a posted Apr 8, 14
Yes, we've got big news for all you donors, for the first time ever you can now set your own prefixes. Now of course there are a few rules we'll need to go over with this new feature.

  1. Prefixes must be kept appropriate for all ages.
  2. Prefixes cannot be used to impersonate staff or other players.
  3. Do not try to give prefixes to non donors.

Breaking these rules will lead to your ability to change your own prefix being taken away.

Now, changing your prefix is quite simple:

  1. Go here. (Make sure you are logged in!)
  2. Select "Change Prefix"
  3. Type in a prefix (Must be between 3 to 20 characters and cannot break any rules mentioned above)
  4. Pick one of the 13 colors.
  5. Select "Buy".
  6. Select "Get Items".
  7. Wait for your prefix to change (You must be in game for your prefix to change, it will also take a minute or so for it to change. 

If your forum account is not marked as a donor, contact me via the forums and I will set your donor rank on the forums.

supershadowjay 16 im not a donor on teh forums pls change it

And We're Back!

16BitForge a posted Feb 24, 14
Sorry for the inconvenience over the last few days, but now it is time to be making of celebration! The server is now officially back up thanks to Reg's glorious return, saving us when we needed him most. Truly he is the hero we deserve. So enjoy the server now that it's back up!
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