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Statues and Sculptures Contest - Ice sculptures are cool, but lets not discriminate! Use any material! Use /warp contest to enter!

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Greetings Endless Horizons!!

   I am breaking our silence to give you some teaser screenies and toss around a few rumours! There is still a lot of work to do, but a lot has been done already. Time to showcase a little... :)

   The Combat World will soon be open, with functioning mob-combat arenas and a few PVP arenas, using your SURVIVAL gear! Fear not! You won't lose anything when you die, so you can keep coming back for more and more and more an-...yea... But anyways, that's not the highlight I want to splurge about...

   Introducing Custom Combat Arenas! Now, we've always asked for arena designs...this isn't the same. Builders will be able to claim, design, build, maintain and OPERATE their own PVP (or mob) arenas! Arenas will be built in survival though staff may help out (if we aren't busy and feel like it) and add finishing touches afterwards. The arena Owner will be able to control warp points within the arena and (eventually) add mob-spawn points. Not enough? Well, you can even customize the arena Lobby, and control where the lobby portals link to!

Custom Arena Lobby with Editing Menu

All elements are currently a work-in-progress, so it may look different later on. Portals are easy to change though - just cycle through the destinations!

   We've added a bit more of a challenge to surviving, because let's face it, once you get that fancy diamond armor, you're pretty much untouchable. We've created a number of custom mobs, most of minigames but some in survival, just to make things a bit more interesting. Look out for Kamikaze Sheep, Barons and Herobrine!

A Baron up close

   From the depths of DOOM 95, and entering the world of Minecraft, comes the terrifying Baron. Barons are very slow and not too bright, but they are very strong and pack a huge punch. Do not engage in combat unless you are wearing armor - two hits from this guy will stop you dead!

   Herobrine has been spotted! Resembling a Steve with glowing white eyes, Herobrine is a passive mob that usually won't attack unless you hit first. If you do hit him, be ready for some pain. Herobrine is smart and powerful, and attacks similarly to Barons, up close and with blasts of green energy. Oh, and he can open doors...just thought I should mention that...

Mini-Block Burgers!

   Details in Minecraft have always been a challenge. There are only so many times you can pretend a block of glass is a fish tank... Now, you don't have to! Introducing Mini-Blocks!

   Mini-Blocks are my personal take on MicroBlocks, using a custom menu system, recipes and hours of searching the skin sites of players' skins. Ya, mcskinsearch.com FTW! Check out our extensive collection (makes other collections look pretty small) ingame using /mini. Some have custom recipes too which you can see on our Recipes page. In survival, Mini-Blocks cost either money to buy or resources (to craft), but in the Creative and Contest worlds, they are free of charge! Some are also world-exclusive, so have a look around for super-rare blocks (like the awesome Ender Crystal skull in the End).

Mysterious Golem

Then there's this guy! Have a look around and see if you can find him! Just the first of many new statues to come!

   I'm also working on a Hall of Horrors, where you can see the new mobs and learn about their many strengths and weaknesses. Which will help, because the arenas in the Combat World will probably house many such mobs for your mob-hunting pleasure! It's mostly set up, just needs walls lol

   Seeya around!


Omanoctoa A Wishing these were real mobs...they would be fun to fight Also, a warning about Barons and Herobrine - they will call ...

It was such a long time coming, but Precious Stones has finally returned to its beloved place in EndlessHorizons!  GriefPrevention will be removed and stuck in the Hall of Plugin Shame! Apologies to players who just got the hang of it, and for the sudden change back - it was causing too many issues to continue using it. For players who have never used PreciousStones, or those looking for a recap, here is a little intro...

PreciousStones (PS for short) operates by simply placing blocks in the world, which provide an area effect. What effects? Well, that depends on what type you place!

IRON BLOCK Land Protection - Protects the land around it. Basic Land Claim 20 x 20 x 20
DIAMOND BLOCK   Entry Bouncer - Restrict unauthorized players from entering you land!       5 x 5 x 5
GOLD ORE Launch Pad - Touch it and fly into the air! BOOM! 0
IRON ORE City Sub-Plot - Placed within Iron Block fields for rentable plots! 20 x 20 x 20
COBWEB Creature Repeller - Tired of mob combat? Create no-mob areas! 20 x 20 x 20

I will update this list as more fields appear, but for now these are your default fields! Note, please do NOT claim someone else's property. Any unauthorized claiming will result is your own claims being destroyed, or worse.

Tpoletti GM thank lawrdy jaysus

Vote now to receive 250 Credits!

...yea...we know all about that. But it's boring and never chang-...wait, what is THIS! 8D

Endless Horizons introduces new VOTING REWARDS, voting tiers, and even per-world rewards!...wait...WHAT?!

That's right friendly ladies, gents, children of any and all ages, including all inanimate objects, foods, drinks, ghouls, fruits and all you other people! Now you get fun new rewards for voting! Basic votes get you either 250 credits, a Diamond and 5 Exp, or 250 Credits and a random reward! So what do these random rewards include?

Flower Power! (flowers?)

Nether Power! (nether...flowers?)

Ender Power! (I bet these are Enderpearls!)

Power of the Games! (Bonus Credits in the form of Emeralds!)

On top of basic votes, every 5 votes gives you a High-5 with either a Lucky Block or Bonus Credits! Still not enough? Well it's not! Vote 10 times in a row and receive a random super-reward! Wait a sec... We only have 8 vote sites? That's correct! Votes are counted over time! We now remember when you vote and will soon even be able to check this ingame (should be fixing this soon...)

Wait so what are the super-rewards? Well, they aren't as epic as you hoped - that's what the Lucky Blocks are for! But they basically give you some rare blocks and bonus materials, for FREE!

Flaming Reward! (Netherrack, Blaze Rods)

Watery Reward! (Primarine Shards, Sea Lanterns)

Ender Reward! (End Stone, Enderpearls)

Earthly Reward (Mossy Cobblestone, Hay Blocks)

Gleaming Reward (Quartz Crystals, Glowstone)

Dark Reward (Coal, Ink, Obsidian)

Donators can also look forward to some extra rewards after the 10th vote, but those are a secret!

Some rewards are partially world-specific (guess) but all are available in more than 1 world. However, the Power of the Games reward is only available in the Games World, and lost items from voting while playing a game will NOT BE REFUNDED. The same goes for lost rewards in survival - these are bonus rewards and can not be replaced!

Now get voting! :)

Omanoctoa A These were fun to set up! If anyone has any suggestions or idea, fire away
waterlubber TA Thanks, Oman!
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