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 FAQ Questions

 1) How do I get money on the server?
  You can make money on the server using several methods:

1. You can vote for the server using links on the website.
2. Sell items to other players for money.
3. Donate to the server for a cash bundle.

 2) Can I donate for special ranks and support the server?

Anyone is able to donate to the server and purchase special ranks/perks. Our ranks and perks are EULA-friendly and all money goes to keeping the server running, not to our pockets

 3) Can I be OP?
  No, we are not going to OP random players who we don't know - we don't even grant that to long-time friends. However, occasionally we do open up staff applications.

 4) I was banned, how do I appeal?
Make a thread on our appeal page, and a member of staff will review the appeal and make a fair judgement.          

 5) How do I protect my stuff?
We use a protection plugin called PreciousStones, which uses a combination of blocks to make a player protection for whoever placed the block. To protect an area, place an iron block. Chests are protected by default, as are most doors, trapdoors, dispensers and a few other blocks. To grant other players access to your chests, etc... use /cmodify playername, or just use /unlock or /lock to allow everyone or make it completely private.